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Gwen and Erin from the Panama City NEWS HERALD with BEACHCOMBER design and website genius Tosha Manke during Editor Manson’s recent trip to the pressroom.

The music-loving portion of the Beachcomber community—most of us, I’d say—got some devastating news early in the week when we learned that the talented young vocalist Buddy Brumit died in an automobile accident on Okaloosa Island early Sunday morning.


Buddy was an up-and-comer on the music scene. His duo Gold & Motion (with guitarist Trent Hays) dropped a couple excellent tracks in late 2018, “Lost and Found” and “Organic Love.” I hope there are some more songs in the can. Mr. Hays assures Facebook fans he’ll be posting some videos later on, but obviously he’ll need some time to grieve.


We all will.


Just two days before his tragic death, Buddy responded to something I posted on Facebook. I’m a great fan of those World Music Network Rough Guide to… compilations (the latest being Eastern Europe and Women of the World) and called on my friends to submit song choices for a Rough Guide to Beachcomberland, which I’d at least put out there as a Spotify playlist.


Along with Bob Cushing, Buddy was the ONLY musician that posted a specific song, the aforementioned “Lost and Found.” And he went Bob one better by including the link to the tune.


Thanks, Buddy.

Love, Editor Manson




Grayton Beach’s The Red Bar is apparently so awesome they were the only Beachcomberland venue to make it onto Southern Living magazine’s Best Southern Bars list in the April 2019 issue. And they’re not even open right now! Hopefully the honor will speed up the rebuild.


Oli Petit comments: “It’s almost as cool as winning a Beachcomber award!” Oli’s great, so I’m leaving The Red Bar in Beachcomber’s Restaurant Guide for now.



Calling on all Beachcomber readers to submit their own lists, using Dave Marsh’s The Book of Rock Lists (and going back even further, the original Book of Lists by Wallace-Wallace-Wallechinsky, 1977) as a reference point.


The idea is to highlight local spots, but if you’re an artist-author-musician-chef-bartender-actor-comedian-whatever, something related to your field of expertise would be lovely. Email your lists (comments not necessary, but if so, keep ‘em brief) to by Thursday, April 18 please.


Some of our regular features will be in the April 25 edition, and the others will return May 9 (unless we decide to do the Beachcomber Coloring Book for that one, stay tuned).



My wife and I made a recent trip down to Santa Rosa Beach from Tallahassee and walked into a coffee shop for a wakeup shot of caffeine. Being the news hound I am, I picked up a copy of the Beachcomber, that I was heretofore unaware existed. My expectations were not high because of my ignorance of this publication.


What followed was a thorough appreciation of your efforts. It began by my surprise of Carl Hiaasen’s column! I love Carl—went to college with Carl and nearly worship the sand he walks on. Then I see the fabulous cartoons by Clay Jones. I guess I was thinking that this area must be a haven for the Trump cult. Am I ever pleased to learn there is at least one loud voice in opposition!


I read the entire publication with glee. I must admit that I turned to page 24 to read your April Fool’s story, only to learn it didn’t exist and was your April Fool’s joke on this unsuspecting reader! Good one!


Dawn Bright is a kick, and police remarks to speeders was hilarious, as well as your “moral support” staffers.

Many thanks for such a wonderful reading experience. 

– A New Fan, Bill Day



Editor’s Note: Bill Day is an (excellent) editorial cartoonist, and you can (and should) check out his work.

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