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The Page 3 Photo in the March 14-27 Beachcomber should have been attributed to Let’s Goof Photo Booth. We apologize profanely for any lives that may have been turned upside down by this omission.


Discover more about these fun folks at



The Beachcomber Music Awards are set for Monday, Aug. 26, at Al’s Beach Club & Burger Bar on Okaloosa Island. We’ve had an extraordinary rate of response from musicians that would like to be a part of our eleventh (!) event honoring the folks that keep Jagermeister turning a profit.


So extraordinary, in fact, that we’ve had to turn away such formidable acts as The Guys That Sang for Real on the Milli Vanilli Records, Sammy Davis III, and ABBACAB, an Abba and Genesis tribute band (what you kids call a “mash-up”).

New for Spring Break 2019…



We are proud to unveil the Beachcomber Body Fluid Clean-up Kit. For years, we’ve been depleting our brain cells trying to come up with the perfect product to market our brand to youngish visitors, and we think we’ve found it. We can’t tell you what’s inside…you’ll just have to pick one up for $22.95 wherever Beachcomber magazines are sold!


As they say here on the beach, the tide is turning (actually, nobody says that).


Full disclosure—previous attempts (and fails) in our merchandising endeavors include the Beachcomber Drinking Helmet (inspired by William Holden and/or Tim Kazurinsky), Beachcomber Cough Syrup (“Bring a taste of Florida’s Beautiful Emerald Coast to your cold and flu season!”), and the Beachcomber Make Your Own Fake ID Kit.



Our friends at Lucy Buffett’s LuLu’s in Destin are now hiring. Apply in person or online at We know it’s a great place to eat, drink and play, but we hear it’s a good place to work, too. And that view…



I spoke to Oli Petit from The Red Bar this week, and he informs me that the rebuild is happening, probably because he read that in our magazine a couple issues back. He says Beachcomber is invited to the grand re-opening because we spend lots of money on drinks and tip well.



Finally, Twisted Grape Wine Bar (good people) in Shalimar is raising funds for PAWS (good people) through Saturday, March 30. This is in response to the influx of animals taken from Danny’s Dog House (bad people) in Niceville. The back story is pretty repugnant and I do not wish to share the details here, but you can Google it or search the daily’s website.



Editor Manson




The March 14 issue was especially informative about the Underwater Sculpture project. I enjoyed the whole issue. I also like the feature #Beachcomberdestin. I was surprised and happy to see an acknowledgement to my art, which is at Foster Gallery (located in Grand Boulevard at Sandestin).

– Linda Kernick


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