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Directed by Spike Lee

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Based on the true story of a black policeman in Colorado who secretly infiltrated the Klan, Spike Lee’s strongest film in years creatively traces white nationalism from blockbusters like Birth of a Nation and Gone with the Wind, through PSAs of the 1950s, to the Charlottesville white nationalist rally. Lee shows us how these discourses, sponsored by those in power, teach the insane notion that America becomes “great again” through homegrown hate, violence and racialized terrorism.

– Dr. David C. Simmons

Ken Jeong: You Complete Me, Ho


Jeong uses his first Netflix standup comedy special to joke about his wife Tran Ho, his Korean background, and his character in the Hangover movies. Some of the jokes and audience interaction are funny, but there are quite a bit that make you twiddle your thumbs, a bummer even if you like the actor-comedian. He cusses a lot—that could be his actual self or how he chooses to portray himself, but it’s always the F-bomb. Rarely did I hear any other profanities escape his mouth. At best, this is mediocre.

– Evangeline Murphy


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