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Poet Spotlight: KMarie

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“I just always strive to be the best version of me, and if I get on stage and bare my soul and it helps someone else’s breakthrough, then I’m helping them be their best versions as well. That’s my job, my purpose.”


Though writing became a love in early grade school, it wasn’t until the seventh grade that KMarie fell head over heels in love with poetry. Similar to dresses, every style was tried on until one fit perfectly—spoken word. It was at this time that the quiet girl realized that her voice was a gift and her words had purpose.


She is revered for her passionate presence, alluring style, relatable poems and addictive personality. KMarie, a Fort Walton Beach native by way of Birmingham, grew from a nervous first-time open mic participant at the Beal Street Bottle Club to performing in and implementing multiple sold-out shows with the SpeakTuMe Poetry Troupe at the same venue.


After relocating to Mobile, Alabama, KMarie jumped into the poetry scene full force by assisting and participating in the founding of both Mobile Speaks, the first slam team of the city; and Powerlines Poets, one of the most popular poetry groups in the area.


KMarie is a founding member of internationally known BlackOnBlackRhyme’s Mobile chapter, Step2DaMic Poetry Troupe, fulfilling a longtime goal. BlackOnBlackRhyme is an organization of community, unity, the arts and love—and definitely a place she’d always wanted to call home.


With two albums under her belt—December 1987 and Pieces—she believes the future holds bigger and better things. Besides performing her art, Kristina Marie maintains her role as the owner and photographer of KMariEPhotography and spends time with the love of her life, Marcus, and their beautiful daughter Amaya.


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I never predicted that my love could grow like wildflowers, decorating the path to my soul, with him, wrapped up in all of his glory.


He is my poetry, destined to reside within me.


He is beautiful, no feminine intent in any sense of the word, but in every sense of its adoration.


And… I adore him with all five senses, my sixth sense is definitely loving him.


My love stems from a deep root inside me, birthed from a seed that he showers daily and I shower him.


Wash him with peace and joy, bore a bundle of it in my womb, and placed her in his arms.


Our heartbeats had never been that in sync before.


We’d never created life and watched it breathe before.

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