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Take Us to the Pilot

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Seacoast Collegiate High School junior Alex Beer.
Photo by Russell C. Mick/Running Man Pictures

Alex Beer is a high-flying junior at Seacoast Collegiate High School.  Literally.


On October 13, Beer achieved his goal of getting his private pilot’s license. Passionate about airplanes since he was little, Beer started studying to become a pilot the spring of his freshman year. Taking on this goal meant logging many hours of ground school, which is like taking a course on aviation, plus flying with his flight instructor each week.


Beer had to learn takeoffs, landings, different types of maneuvers, emergency situations (including engine and electrical failures), stalls, night flying, and cross country flying.


He flew solo for the first time in November of his sophomore year. After passing the written portion of the private pilot’s exam in August, he sat for his FAA check ride, a four-hour oral and practical exam. Now Beer can fly with passengers anywhere in the western hemisphere using visual flight rules.


Next, he is going to begin studying for his instrument rating. His goal is to attend a university to study aviation and fly for a major airline.

Zandra Wolfgram
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