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Philip Greene

A Drinkable Feast – A Cocktail Companion to 1920s Paris


Cocktail historian Philip Greene revisits some heavily trod ground here—1920s Paris and the “Lost Generation”—in A Drinkable Feast. The book contains recipes for classic drinks (French 75, Americano, Boulevardier) along with their history, and with whom they were associated. Some of the liquors and ingredients no longer exist, but Greene suggests substitutes.


In addition to the usual suspects—Hemingway, Fitzgerald—Greene spotlights lesser-known players, including legendary bartenders and club owners. There are plenty of period photos and anecdotes, notable one where Hemingway drunkenly mistook a skylight window pull for a toilet chain. Almost R.I.P., Ernest.

– Bruce Collier



John Gilstrap

Scorpion Strike


While Lee Child’s latest Jack Reacher novel, Past Tense, is good reading (and way better than the bloodless The Midnight Line), it’s a touch too preposterous. And although Gilstrap’s Jonathan Grave is a badass in the Reacher vein, he’s hardly a loner—in fact, it’s his colorful fellow mercenaries who make this series such a blast. In the new installment, Grave a/k/a Scorpion finds his tropical vacation ruined by a group of terrorists. An unlucky coincidence for sure, but at least it wasn’t a Cat 4 hurricane.

– Chris Manson
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