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Editor Manson’s Garage Days

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Editor Manson (third from left) with Andy Durand (holding mic and guitar) at November’s fundraising event to help Andy with his current battle against cancer (and escalating medical expenses). We were lucky to get there—Coasters in downtown Fort Walton Beach—when Andy graced the stage with Bill Garrett (bass), Gary Clark (harmonica) and “Smilin’” Fritz Froeschner (guitar).
Photo by JC Murphy.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garage lately, because they say that’s where all the great ideas spring from—Amazon, Apple, most of the bands I liked in high school and still like.


After a couple months of tripping over boxes of God only knows and breathing in all sorts of dust, dog hair and long-expired chemicals, this is what I came up with…


You know, I’m actually feeling a little lightheaded. Excuse me, please.

Editor Manson



Dec. 6-19 – The Christmas Issue. Hoping to include all your favorite holiday recipes, along with our extended gift guide featuring pages upon pages of Beachcomber merchandise that we will be selling this season, including our fun new board game, shot glasses, cough syrup and straitjackets.


Dec. 20-Jan. 16, 2019 – The End/Beginning-of-Year-We-Need-a-Little-Rest Issue. We work hard here at Beachcomber, so every December we reward ourselves by putting out a four-week issue instead of the usual two. We might add an extra, say, four pages of paid advertising, but that’s it. Then it’s off to catch up on our Netflix.


We’re calling on you, our loyal readers, to send us your favorite moments from 2018, whether in the form of photos, short anecdotes or funny pictures scribbled on cocktail napkins.


Jan. 17-30, 2019 – The TBD/No Schedule Found Issue. Ideally, the first proper issue of Beachcomber in 2019 will have some heavy coverage of the 30A Songwriters Festival, happening on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. Check out the (reasonably) up-to-date lineup on page 15 and let us know if there’s anyone in particular you’d like us to feature.



Our longtime design genius Tosha Manke got her hands on our website, and has given it a considerable overhaul. It’s beautiful, and now you can pull it up on your phone and other mobile devices without straining your eyes too much. Plus all of the content is certified Gulf to Table.


Take a look and leave us your feedback at

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