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Frye Gaillard

A Hard Rain: America in the 1960s, Our Decade of Hope, Possibility and Innocence Lost

NewSouth Books

Many ’60s histories are too recent for perspective or too romanticized for accuracy. Frye Gaillard’s A Hard Rain, though not without occasional bias, is sober, admirably balanced and meticulous. In 72 chapters, he takes the reader on a novel-like journey, year by year, chronicling and intertwining JFK, LBJ, King, Malcolm X, Cesar Chavez, Gloria Steinem, and a host of supporting artists, activists and journalists, following them toward their respective destinies. Not all of the endings are happy. At one point I recalled Jim Morrison’s phrase, “No one here gets out alive.” This one is likely to become a definitive work.

– Bruce Collier


Stephen King

Elevation (Audiobook, Narrated by the Author)

With very few exceptions, my consumption of Mr. King’s novels for the past decade and a half has been audiobooks, thanks to superior production and a roster of exceptional narrators. There was a lot riding on the author’s return to the microphone, and he delivers the goods. It also helps that the story is a great one, about a Castle Rock resident’s unusual malady and his circle of friends—short on creepiness, but long on heart. Stick around for another treat—Mr. King reads his 2018 story “Laurie,” inspired by his dog Molly, a/k/a The Thing of Evil.

– Chris Manson


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