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Proud Veterans of the Liberal Air Force

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Editor Manson and Assistant Editor Maddison react to their latest bill from Bayside Hospital for Animals in Fort Walton Beach. In all seriousness, the team at Bayside has been doing great things for the Manson-Hilton beasts for years, and their post-Hurricane Michael relief efforts have been remarkable.

After I posted a short video clip and some photos of Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s recent visit to Harbor Docks (the best damn restaurant on the Emerald Coast—shoutout to Gail, shoutout to Marla), someone remarked that Beachcomber has been “liberal AF” for the last 15 years.


First, I served in the Army, not the Air Force. With Veterans Day coming up, you trolls need to get your facts straight. And there have never been separate Air Forces for liberals and conservatives. Spend a few years in the military like I did, combat or no, and you learn to put that red and blue crap to the side for the greater good.


Incidentally, I would have also gone to the Ron DeSantis event at AJ’s Oyster Shanty Monday night, except (1) short notice, (2) Wi-Fi sucks there, so I wouldn’t have been able to tweet or ‘gram, (3) probably would have gotten my ass kicked for wearing the “Make Russia Great Again” cap Chris Wilson from The Zoo Gallery gave me, and (4) already made plans to go to preview night of Stage Crafters’ A Chorus Line (great job, kids! Opens Nov. 9 in Fort Walton Beach, go see it).


Most of the comments were intelligent, except for all of them. Among my favorites was the person that said he was going to use Beachcombers to line his birdcage. Good reading for the bird, but it’s 2018 and if you still keep a bird incarcerated, you’re probably evil.


A few numbskulls said they wouldn’t be eating at Harbor Docks anymore. Good. More grouper sandwiches and spring rolls for me. You’re probably lousy tippers anyway.


The results of the midterm elections won’t be in before this issue goes to press, but as far as comments on Beachcomber’s Facebook page are concerned, the people that can spell, form sentences, and behave civilized-like won hands down.

Editor Manson




Please check out the ad for Enlightened Studios in this issue, and all the great events they have coming up in the Live Music section. The man behind this stunning Downtown Fort Walton Beach gathering spot, Cole Huffer, has had the misfortune of judging two recent musical competitions with Editor Manson, among other things. (Shoutout to NASH Next winner Jessie Ritter!)


The really cool thing is that Mr. Huffer is actively soliciting any and all CDs from Beachcomberland musicians to sell there, and he’s not asking for any commission. Which means somebody needs to get cracking’ on that Chris Manson & Friends album pronto.



Our longtime design genius Tosha Manke got her hands on our website, and has given it a considerable overhaul. It’s beautiful, and now you can pull it up on your phone and other mobile devices without straining your eyes too much. Plus all of the content is certified Gulf to Table. And liberal Air Force.


Take a look and leave us your feedback at

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