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Wanda Siefke and Dina Moriarty from CALM in Niceville during the nonprofit’s recent open house. They’re joined by Editor Manson, who stopped by because he heard there was cake. More at and Beachcomber’s Facebook.
Photo by Michelle Ruschman.

This issue is a week late, originally scheduled to be out Oct. 18-31. But a most unwelcome guest showed up in Bay County and messed everything up. Our print and website designer Tosha Manke lives in Panama City, and Beachcomber is printed there, too. We came to the wise conclusion that there were more crucial things for these folks to fret about than getting our little magazine out on time.


Happily, Tosha is back on the grid and the presses are rolling once again at the News Herald. And everyone’s lives are (slowly) getting back to normal.


Beachcomberland’s collective response to this catastrophic storm has been impressive to say the least. Naomi Alvarado addresses this on her Preschool & Prosecco blog at You should go read that right now. I wish I’d had space to reprint the whole thing here.


I figured the least our magazine could do is donate some valuable real estate to all the fundraisers coming up for the people affected by Hurricane Michael. Check out page 39 after you read Naomi’s blog please.


In other news, I highly recommend early voting. I cast my ballot, and it was a quick and relatively painless process. I hope to do it again next week. The proposed amendments are a little sketchy, though. I’m not even sure how the “No Rap Before 11 AM” one even got on the ballot.


Paula and I attended a couple of events recently, and they were great fun. The Market Shops Bloody Mary Festival in Sandestin and the Destin Seafood Festival both fell on Paula’s birthday, so of course I had to bring her with me.


The former had some very creative adult beverages on display (I still don’t know who won—talking to you, Jessica Proffitt!), and the latter brought the usual fine mix of food, beverages, vendors and live music.


The band we saw Saturday night, The Firewater Tent Revival, was first rate. I hope to see them back around these parts real soon.


Speaking of music, our own Jessie Ritter played the NASH Next finals a couple weeks ago, and to nobody’s surprise that’s seen and/or heard her, she won. And now she’s going to be a huge star! I should have gotten her to agree to perform at the 2019 Beachcomber Music Awards before she took off for Nashville.

Editor Manson



Our longtime design genius Tosha Manke got her hands on our website, and has given it a considerable overhaul. It’s beautiful, and now you can pull it up on your phone and other mobile devices without straining your eyes too much. Plus all of the content is certified Gulf to Table.


Take a look and leave us your feedback at

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