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Birthday Wishes, My SNL Year and More

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Editor Manson and Act4Mystery founder Paula Hilton at HarborFest in HarborWalk Village, Destin. We hear there’s some other big to-do happening down there the weekend of Oct. 5-7. Might wanna check that out.

Paula, my longtime steady (10 years, a record for both of us), is celebrating her birthday this weekend. It’s Saturday, Oct. 6, so go ahead and clog up her Facebook wall with well wishes and links to crypto currency transfer info.


We plan to attend the Bloody Mary Festival at The Market Shops in Sandestin that day, because who doesn’t love a cocktail at 11 AM? Also, Beachcomber is one of the event sponsors, along with about 800 other businesses. Hopefully, there will be food and couches there, too.


Later, after what I predict will be longish naps, the two of us will be at the Destin Seafood Festival. Unless someone feels a raindrop or two coming down and decides to cancel it again.


Just kidding. This is always a great event. I am a little disappointed that my VIP passes got lost in the mail this year, but I’m looking forward to all the music (the most current lineup we could find is in this issue’s Live Music section), food, vendors, fellowship, and people griping about having to pay to park.


Prior to its relocation to the Destin Harbor, the festival had a colorful history. One year, it was held in the K-Mart parking lot (now Old Time Pottery). After that, they did it at the Morgan Sports Complex. Parking was a nightmare, but at least it was free.


And I did get to see Eddie Money, a nice fellow who spent an unusual amount of time talking about hanging out with John Belushi when he was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. It was the 1978 episode hosted by the great Jill Clayburgh. Mr. Money referred to her, hilariously, as “Liz Claiborne.”


This, of course, brought back fuzzy memories of my own year on Saturday Night Live. You may not remember, but I was in the cast with Mr. Belushi, Eddie Murphy, Buddy Ebsen, Will Ferrell and many others. I think the Not Ready for Prime Time Players had about 40 cast members that year. I didn’t get much airtime, but I always kept Lorne Michaels’ popcorn bowl full.


Anyway, we’ve got a great issue for you! Charles Morgan is here! Carl Hiaasen! And Kanye Freakin’ West in his silly red hat! We’ll be right back…



Editor Manson



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