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All the Fake News That’s Fit to Print

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Editor Manson shared this photo with our thousands of Instagram followers. He wanted to tell you how wonderful the bar and lazy river at this place were, but since the hotel no longer wishes to carry BEACHCOMBER in their lobby, he’s keeping his piehole shut. Your guests deserve better, Hilton Garden Inn on Okaloosa Island!

The Destin City Council, in their infinite wisdom (or lack thereof), have decided not to allow gambling in the city. Which means my lifelong dream of a Beachcomber Casino has once again been stalled.


Our elected officials say legalized gambling would attract more crime, and quite frankly, I think we could use a little more crime, don’t you?


One crime we wouldn’t have been dealing with, though? Illegal gambling. Duh. Guess we’ll have to make do with Florida Lottery scratch-and-win games and football pools for now.


Speaking of football, it’s been a pretty good NFL season so far—both the Dallas Cowboys (Dad’s team, Paula’s team, Paula’s mom’s team, America’s team) and Chicago Bears (my team) won their last matchups. And the president was too busy trying to push his SCOTUS boy through the confirmation (accusation) process to tweet about the sons of bitches on the gridiron.


When I was a kid, my father watched football every Sunday, and I swear his favorite player was actually named Son of a Bitch. My Google search came up empty, though.


We have a new addition to the Beachcomber family this issue, advice columnist Dawn Bright. I hope you enjoy her sunny approach to this tried-and-true formula. Feel free to submit your questions about life, love, blue cocktails, etc. to


After a long (and justifiable) hiatus, columnist Carl Hiaasen is back, and in this issue, he addresses the mindless act of violence that claimed his brother and several others at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis. It’s one of Mr. Hiaasen’s best (and most poignant) pieces.


Elsewhere, our fearless music correspondent Nikki Hedrick shares the story of local country singer Robert Wayne. I saw Mr. Wayne at the recent NASH Next competition at the Village of Baytowne Wharf, and he was dynamite. His new album, Wild Eyed Dream, is first rate, too.


The winner of that competition, by the way, was the lovely and talented Jessie Ritter, who swears she’ll be taking the Beachcomber crew to Nashville with her when the time comes.


Aside from hurricane and tropical storm scares, this is always a great time to be on the Emerald Coast. The Destin Fishing Rodeo gets underway Oct. 1, the Destin Seafood Festival is the first weekend in October, and a promising new event, HarborFest at HarborWalk Village in Destin, is coming up in just a couple days (or, depending on when you’re reading this, you missed it and too bad, it was great).


Also, a couple of Beachcomber-sponsored events on the horizon—The Market Shops Bloody Mary Festival Oct. 6 (see page 28) and the Taylor Haugen Foundation’s Savor the Season at HarborWalk Village Oct. 25 (see page 22). Save the dates.


In the words of the great poet Joe Walsh, don’t let nobody tell you that there’s nothin’ to do…

Editor Manson



Thanks for lots of ADSO photos in this issue (Sept. 6-19 Beachcomber). Also enjoyed seeing Isabel and her gang (Pets of the Issue), though if you ask me—and you didn’t—those dogs are hams.


Also, the sensitive and insightful Horrorscopes are now appreciated from Hawaii (sister) to central Florida (niece) to North Carolina (good buddy). Keep them coming!

Tuny Jennings


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