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The Record That Changed My Life: Nik Flagstar

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The summer after eighth grade, a record store opened up in Niceville called Uncle Scratch. It became a haven for misfit teens that didn’t fit into the regular small town Friday night football lifestyle.


Before discovering this shop and this record, my favorite artist was Garth Brooks, and the only expletive I had heard in a song was Jimmy Buffett singing “damn” in “Margaritaville.”


This 7-inch—The Dead Kennedys’ “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” b/w “Moral Majority”—changed everything about what I thought could be done with a song…hell, what could be done.


I never gave up on the music I always loved, but everything I listened to after discovering punk rock was listened to with new ears.


Nik Flagstar is a Beachcomber Music Award winner, most recently for the 2017 album Hard Times with his Dirty Mangy Dogs.

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