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A Category 5 Hangover

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Our fabulous cover artist Terry Johnston.

We were preparing for the latest tropical storm (translation—binge watching Amazon Prime before the WiFi went kaput) when I realized I hadn’t written anything wonderful for this issue of Beachcomber.


“But you’ve been at this a long time, and you have yet to write anything wonderful,” some of you wiseguys are probably thinking. Still, you keep picking up this magazine because one of these days it might actually happen.


We had hoped to have our Beachcomber Hurricane Survival Kits ready to distribute this week, but the tariffs on our cheap Made in China flashlights caused inevitable delays. And don’t get me started on those heated office arguments about bottled water versus boxed water.


My advice to anyone that needs to evacuate is to grab a ride with a fuel truck driver. Have you ever seen a fuel truck run out of gas? Can that even happen?




Assuming we survive the latest weather catastrophe, your favorite editor is on tap to judge at the local NASH Next competition Saturday, Sept. 8, at the Village of Baytowne Wharf in Sandestin. This is the country version of the Next2Rock thing I participated in a few weeks ago.


Despite my embarrassing behavior, the nice radio people are giving me another shot, and I thank them for that. I also question their faith in me. The fun starts at 7 PM.


Summer is winding down (once again in September, how predictable), and I’m looking forward to all the fun fall festivals and fishing tournaments.


To the locals who endured the worst of it for the last three months—the traffic, the parking fees, the strange people trespassing on your beachfront property—it’s time to get back out there and enjoy yourselves again. Like Private Ryan, you’ve earned this.

Editor Manson




In the interest of keeping this issue at 36 pages, thus continuing to make Beachcomber affordable to our thousands of loyal readers, we had to bump the following features this go-round:


Stage. No shows going on the next two weeks that we’re aware of anyway. Lots of good stuff set for Sept. 20 and beyond, including Emerald Coast Theatre Company’s The Spitfire Grill.


Editor’s Choice. Manson hasn’t really been knocked out by anything lately, though HBO’s limited series Sharp Objects left the poor sap a little damaged. Music-wise, he’s just now getting through the mammoth Aretha Franklin Atlantic Albums Collection and can’t wait to listen to the whole thing again.



Thank you for featuring Starbuck in your magazine (Pet of the Issue, Aug. 23-Sept. 5 Beachcomber). The feedback from our friends and family in California has been very positive, and now Starbuck wants to visit the Emerald Coast to meet all his new fans.


In the meantime, please follow @starbuckotto on Instagram.

Carol Marraccini-Otto



I can completely relate to this (“The Record That Changed My Life: Elton John’s Greatest Hits” by Tim Morinelli, Aug. 9-22 Beachcomber). Davey (Johnstone) is one of the most underrated rock guitarists of all time. The way he complements EJ’s playing is unlike any other. All that music really opens a person up.

Chris Leavenworth



Chris Leavenworth is a musician, occasional Beachcomber contributor, and the executive director of Destin Harvest.

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