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Michael Koryta’s HOW IT HAPPENED is a first rate thriller in the Harlan Coben tradition and includes one of the most cardiac-inducing climaxes since Meg Gardiner’s last UNSUB novel. The truth isn’t always the truth…

In 2017’s I AM ANOTHER YOU, documentary filmmaker Nanfu Wang finds herself captivated by a free spirited young homeless man she meets in Florida. Fascinating and thought provoking, the movie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

Three issues in, the rebooted MAD Magazine has finally found its groove, striking a nice balance between its talented team of newbies and several hangers-on from The Usual Gang of Idiots (Al Jaffee, Sergio Aragones, Tom Richmond, Dick DeBartolo, etc.). The October 2018 MAD includes a revival of Dave Berg’s classic “The Lighter Side of…,” a vast improvement over the godawful “The Darker Side of…” pieces the old regime used to publish. Best of all, the magazine is printed on the kind of slick paper founding editor Harvey Kurtzman would’ve given his left veeblefetzer for back in the day.

A friend let it slip that the old Dean Martin Roasts were streaming on Amazon Prime, so I had to drop everything to check some of ‘em out. Afterwards, Amazon suggested I might like CELEBRITY BOWLING, a show that ran for most of the ‘70s and, amazingly, had never been seen by me. If you lived through the Watergate years, this has much to offer—cheap graphics (even for back then), ridiculously awful prizes for the studio audience, an unholy blend of celebs both revered and obscure… I could go on, but let me just say there’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching Loretta “Hot Lips” Swit pick up a spare.

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