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The Glamorous Life?

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Editor Manson, joined by Brenda Shoffner from the daily (far right), spreads a little sunshine at the Arts and Design Society of Fort Walton Beach in celebration of Tuny Jennings’ 80th birthday.
Photo by Hanna Joensuu.

You would think the life of the Beachcomber editor would be glamorous, and most of the time you’d be correct.

There are the galas, balls, charity soirees, masquerade parties, and soft openings, plus seven-hour drives to rub elbows with bestselling author Stephen King and his dog.

If I show up late for karaoke night, my pal bumps me to the front of the singing list. When I go catch a musician friend’s act, I can usually count on a complimentary cocktail or four.

This week, I got to try a fantastic new eatery on Racetrack Road in Fort Walton Beach, conveniently located about a mile from my house. Flambé After Dark offers tableside cooking and an atmosphere you want to drink in even if your belly is stuffed with wine.

I spotted a painting of Madonna among the restaurant’s plethora of art, and it’s apparently for sale for the low, low price of $13,000.

Anyway, you have to try this place. They’ll be open for lunch for now, as the owner-chef gets all the beer-wine-liquor licensing squared away.

But here’s the other side of it. Most of my down time is spent doing mundane things like laundry. I can ride an entire outfit out for several days, but my better half insists on having clean clothes with every sunrise.

Problem was, her washing machine broke down last week, and I was forced to go to the Laundromat up the road. Like, every day, because of this “sorting the clothes by color” nonsense. But I found that the place wasn’t that bad. There are two (two!) convenience stores conveniently (now I get it) located nearby, so I was able to satisfy my Florida Lottery Scratch and Win fix.

There’s also a fairly new bar-restaurant across the street, although I quickly realized it might be safer to cross I-10 on foot than James Lee Boulevard at 5 PM on any given day.

The place is called Baxter’s Bar & Grille, and I haven’t tried their food yet. The drink prices are good, though, and the bartender is tip-top. Turns out she also sings with the house band at the Village Door in Baytowne Wharf Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, so I have another fantastic music profile in the works.

They also offer live music Saturday nights, plus trivia night and karaoke night—I can’t recall when, but they don’t advertise with us yet so heck with ‘em. Baxter’s doesn’t have hatchet throwing scheduled at this writing, so you’ll still have to make the trip downtown (see this issue’s Places article by Samantha Lambert) for that.

It’s Wednesday morning, and the presses are about to roll. The repairman is here to fix the washing machine, and this article might have provided more atmosphere if you could hear my dogs barking nonstop.

I’m actually going to miss those daily trips to the local Laundromat. Wonder if I can pay the repairman with these huge sacks of quarters I socked away thinking I’d need them forever…
– Editor Manson

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