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Pet of the Issue

Pet of the Issue – Blue

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Submitted by Dale Palmer

Blue is a seven-year-old, 65-pound Bluetick Coonhound mix. “Not sure what the mix is, but it appears to be some kind of angel as Blue is a wonderful, kind, friendly and loyal dog,” says Mr. Palmer.

Blue enjoys meeting people and dogs alike. Blue came to Mr. Palmer from a loving family in January 2018. “He is a constant companion and exercise guru,” the proud doggy daddy says. “Whereas I used to walk about a mile a day, Blue now has me walking three or more miles a day, and I have lost two inches off my waist and about 10 or so pounds.

“Blue has obviously been loved and trained well by his previous owners. He knows all the common commands and had only to teach me his needs. Although I’ve only had him for seven months, I have already learned his Seven Basic Commands—(1) Wake up, it is 6 AM; (2) Get dressed, we are going to the dog park; (3) Take me for a ride in the car; (4) I need to pee, stop and open the door; (5) Rub my belly; (6) Feed me; and (7) Give me a treat.

“It is so nice having this 65-pound lap dog sitting next to me on the couch as we watch TV. So far, my favorite shows are also his favorite shows.”

“Dad, I think we should play ball…”
Blue at the Niceville Dog Park looking for squirrels.
The 65-pound lap dog is ready for a walk.
“My favorite chair is Blue’s favorite chair,” says Mr. Palmer.

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