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Pet of the Issue – Freyja

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Submitted by Kate Fox

“Freyja is a spirited rescue pooch that has never met a stranger, and quite possibly the sweetest dog to ever exist,” says Ms. Fox. Freyja is around four years old and is a Corgi-Belgian Malinois mix.


“Small in stature but large in personality, Freyja stole our hearts and has been with us since March 2015. A well-versed traveler, Freyja hails from New Mexico and is now a happy Florida beach bunny who enjoys frolicking in the surf and generally causing mischief.”


Her pastimes include annoying older brother Hank (a Blue Heeler-Corgi mix) and taking extremely long naps on the sofa.


“When she’s not begging to go for a walk, she’s curled up in someone’s lap getting love and attention,” says Ms. Fox. Freyja is aptly named for the Norse goddess of love…she certainly is all heart.

“Freyja was unsure of the ocean when we first moved to Florida, but now we can hardly keep her out of it,” says Ms. Fox.
Freyja with brother Hank, demonstrating her excellent listening skills when dog treats are involved.
Freyja did not share her dog mom’s enthusiasm for this cardboard Corgi likeness.
“While she is definitely an odd combination of dog breeds, Freyja is a perfectly weird fit to our oddball family,” says Ms. Fox.

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