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The monthly ARTS AND DESIGN SOCIETY luncheons in Fort Walton Beach are always a treat. The food and company are tip-top, and the guest speakers’ areas of expertise often extend far beyond the boundaries of paint on canvas. Recent luncheons have included a ceramic artist (Skip Deems, pictured here), as well as kaleidoscope, birdhouse and mandolin creators. The next one is set for Wednesday, July 25—more info in this issue’s Art Events.

Five hours and change of spot-on Allman Brothers Band concert recordings make up CREAM OF THE CROP 2003, a set that offers no repeats and fine covers of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice” and Derek and the Dominos’ “Layla,” the latter played loud and fast like it oughta be. I’m convinced that every show this particular lineup recorded is worthy of my precious ear time.

The first season of Netflix’s GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, which was a real ‘80s TV show I was fortunate enough to see during my formative years) was great, but I like the second season even better. More drama, more character development (especially for Liberty Belle), more relevance, more wrestling… what’s not to love?

YES: THE STEVEN WILSON REMIXES is a glorious five-LP vinyl box set of the band’s “classic” period, punchier than the last round of CD reissues and tweaked just enough that longtime fans will notice little things here and there. And, no, I still don’t “get” TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS…

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