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Local Nonprofit SoWal Community Chaplain Inc. Launches New Website

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SoWal Community Chaplain Emily Proctor

SoWal Community Chaplain Inc., a nonprofit initiative based in South Walton and dedicated to connecting people in the area to needed resources, is excited to announce the launch of its new website,


“I hope this website will serve as a great landing page for those searching for support and resources in our community,” says Emily Proctor, the SoWal Community Chaplain. “It’s a perfect place to learn more about our mission and vision for the organization as well.”


The SoWal Community Chaplain provides pastoral care to individuals in times of crisis and transition, and fields requests for information about community and faith-based resources from individuals, businesses, churches and nonprofits.


The Chaplain also works with these organizations and other community groups to share information, resources and ideas for community improvement in south Walton County, often serving as a liaison and representative to the faith-based community.


“Our vision is for everyone who lives, works or vacations in South Walton to have easy access to pastoral care and community resources in a time of need,” says Ms. Proctor.


Ms. Proctor, an ordained Presbyterian minister living in Santa Rosa Beach with her husband and two young children, founded the SoWal Community Chaplain after moving here and noticing all the people who struggled to find support—from those who needed resources, such as financial assistance, to those who just needed a bit of emotional support during a crisis.


After voicing her concerns aloud, she received financial backing from Joyful Blessings to cover initial expenses associated with researching if the program was feasible in South Walton County. In February 2018, the SoWal Community Chaplain received its nonprofit 501(c)(3) status.


Now Ms. Proctor is working with Caring & Sharing of South Walton to create a partnership and eventually mold the SoWal Community Chaplain into a sustainable and permanent ministry of the organization.


“This ministry has so much potential to serve so many different community needs,” she says. “From a person who just moved here and wants to get connected in the community or an employer that needs advice on how to help an employee, to someone that needs help finding financial or emotional support, anyone can benefit from utilizing the care we can provide.”


For more information about the SoWal Community Chaplain, visit Follow the SoWal Community Chaplain page on Facebook to keep up on all the latest.

– Carly Harmer
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