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Someday we can tell our grandchildren that for one brief, glorious moment during the summer of 2018, the power of social media was used for good. How a 14-year-old WEEZER fan (perhaps the only 14-year-old Weezer fan) convinced the band to cover Toto’s seminal 1982 hit “AFRICA” is anyone’s guess, but for about four or five minutes, my faith in humanity was restored.

Actor-director James Franco’s THE DISASTER ARTIST, currently streaming on Amazon Prime, is the best and funniest movie about movie making since Tim Burton and Johnny Depp took on Edward D. Wood, Jr. You needn’t have seen the abysmal film that inspired Mr. Franco’s poignant tour de force, but if anyone out there has a copy of THE ROOM, can you send it my way please?

Craig Gillespie’s I, TONYA, currently streaming on Hulu, is the GOODFELLAS of ice skating movies—fast-paced, funny and cringe-inducing, with a well-deserved Oscar turn by Allison Janney as Tonya Harding’s mother. Hard to believe someone could live for decades without a heart or a soul. Devil woman indeed.

On the initial post-C-bomb episode of FULL FRONTAL WITH SAMANTHA BEE, airing Wednesday nights on TBS, Ms. Bee made an apology for her remarks. I didn’t think it was necessary because (1) I’m pretty sure women are allowed to call each other that, (2) the network actually bleeped the word out, and (3) the person that really deserves an apology is Rudy Giuliani—making fun of someone’s teeth is hardly perceptive political comedy. But I’ll keep watching until the rest of the advertisers bail.

Harlan Coben’s DON’T LET GO may be the bestselling author’s most absurd (and readable) thriller in years. Now available in mass market paperback, so pick up a copy on your next trip to the supermarket for beer and Pringles.

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