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Summer’s Here…or Is It?

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Memorial Day weekend 2018 found yours truly on a Saturday boat trip that was comparable to the George Clooney-Mark Wahlberg film The Perfect Storm, only not as funny. Rest assured, I remained calm as the vessel was tossed about the Gulf—I quietly cowered in the corner of the cabin while the rest of my extended family got all hysterical.


They may dispute my account, but none of them are the editor of the Emerald Coast’s favorite magazine.


Monday, all of Northwest Florida was worried about Alberto, a “storm” that barely managed to knock over one of our plastic lawn chairs upon impact. The dogs weren’t even disrupted from their lengthy naps until they heard me pop open a can of Pringles.


One benefit of having The Weather Channel on all day was seeing meteorologist Jen Carfagno’s reports from Grayton Beach (love how she pronounced one Northwest Florida city Val-pa-RAY-zo). The poor lady was on vacation here, and I tweeted “Sorry about your vacay” to her. We’re Twitter buddies now, if there is such a thing.


Wonder if she has a dog or cat (or other) we can feature in an upcoming Pet of the Issue?


Anyway, I hope the weather settles down for a couple months so I can actually enjoy some summer and justify paying the pool guy hundreds of dollars a month. And all that patio furniture I spent hours assembling. And the full-time pool waitress-bartender we hired on.


Speaking of drinking, I’m dying to try the new Bob Dylan whiskey. If any of our local liquor stores carry the stuff—it’s called Heaven’s Door—hit me up, please.

-Editor Manson



We took Night Train with us (“Six Degrees of Robert Becton” by Nikki Hedrick, May 17-30 Beachcomber) to the Coushatta Casino in Kinder, Louisiana, when Edds was called away to participate in the Father-Daughter dance with his oldest, Austyn Cameron Eddins. The back of the stage was black and Robert just seemed to vanish back there, so we took some glow-in-the-dark hair spray, hoping that at least his afro would show up.


Unfortunately, that didn’t work either. In the end, it made no difference and Night Train’s electric personality made him shine like a lightning bolt. We did, however, on the second night allow the audience to put flowers in his hair as a symbol of the fact that Robert Becton always feels like spring.


We are honored to have him as the Pygmie with soul and look forward to his next trip with us in June.

-Cameron Edds


Cameron Edds is a member of the band Velcro Pygmies. They perform here often, though not often enough, we think.


Usually I enjoy and agree with Carl Hiaasen. However, his most recent column (“Would-Be Florida Senator Scott Is Already Lost in the Weeds – of West Virginia,” May 17-30 Beachcomber) fails on two counts.


First, his comments re Scott drawing his “X” in the wrong spot are not only mean-spirited and Trump-like, but he completely misses the point, i.e. Washington, D.C. versus the country.


Second, he indicates that talking about term limits is a waste of time. Unfortunately, he is probably correct in his view that nothing will change in this election cycle.


But it is a certainty that nothing will ever change if the issue is not raised.

-William Higgins
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