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You can’t judge an album by its cover, especially when you’re dealing with long-overdue Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Early Influence inductee Sister Rosetta Tharpe. True, the cover of THIS TRAIN IN CONCERT—which, oddly, does not include the song “This Train”—resembles an unholy marriage of Harvard Graphics circa 1993 and a photo best suited for a pharmaceutical ad, but once you start listening, you’ll feel the spirit (and Rosetta’s guitar) move you, whether you want it to or not. I had to give it a second listen immediately, because I couldn’t believe anyone could be this damn good. O ye of little faith…

My latest Book of the Month club selection, Rachel Kushner’s THE MARS ROOM, surprised the hell out of me. I could never have imagined myself going through a novel so quickly, at least one that isn’t trashy crime fiction or celebrity bio. A compelling character study of an incarcerated woman that makes all those guilty pleasure Babes Behind Bars movies from my youth seem all too tame.

Dave Itzkoff’s biography of Robin Williams, simply titled ROBIN, offers a Morkload of insight into the actor and comedian’s life and work. Get ready to relive some of the highs and lows of this one-of-a-kind icon’s career, and get ready to have your heart broken all over again.

Back in February when Nikki Hedrick and I interviewed Stephen King and his dog Molly for a Very Special Pet of the Issue, he mentioned a short story he was working on called “LAURIE.” He did not tell us, however, that he would be giving it away for FREE on his website. Thanks, Mr. King, and thanks, Molly, for inspiring this delightful—and, of course, chilling—tale.

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