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Luke Barr

Ritz & Escoffier – The Hotelier, the Chef and the Rise of the Leisure Class

Clarkson Potter Publishers

Cesar Ritz was a Swiss peasant, Auguste Escoffier a working class French kid. Both rose to make their names synonymous with ultimate luxury, Ritz as a hotelier and Escoffier as an internationally celebrated chef. Luke Barr’s Ritz & Escoffier is a fast-paced account of their partnership, and how they pretty much invented the leisure hospitality industry. Both were gifted with Herculean work habits, dazzling salesmanship, and a talent for cultivating wealthy investors. In their own distinctive way, they also cleared the path for ordinary folk to enjoy the same treatment as royals—for a price, and the proper clothes.

 – Bruce Collier

Charles Soule

The Oracle Year


The Oracle Year begins when musician Will Dando wakes up one morning with 108 predictions about the future. The predictions begin coming true, even when he attempts to change them and sometimes as a result of his attempts. Realizing his newfound power, he and a close friend create a website to monetize his knowledge about the future. His online prophecies quickly make him the most high profile—and most wanted—man in the world.


This fast-paced adventure book takes the reader on Dando’s journey to evade capture, protect the people he loves, and attempt to save the world. If I had the time, I could have read this book in one sitting. If you liked the fast pace and psychological twists and turns of Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, you’ll love this one.

– Marilu Morgan
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