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Editor’s Choice

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Robert B. Parker’s iconic Boston detective presses on, thanks to the latest from author Ace Atkins and narrator Joe Mantegna, OLD BLACK MAGIC: A SPENSER NOVEL. Audio has been my preferred method of delivery for this series, long before Mr. Atkins (masterfully) inherited the writing duties. This time around, our hero looks into a decades-old art heist and drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon in a dive bar. Yikes.

THE COMPLETE CAPITOL SINGLES: 1967-1970, the second installment in Omnivore’s collection of hits and B-sides by Buck Owens and the Buckaroos, is a must for anyone with even a passing interest in country music history. Or California music history. Or music history in general. The only way they could have improved on this set would have been to issue it as a big ol’ box of 45s.

Huck and Lilly—a/k/a Ken Johnson and Andi Zack-Johnson—are back with more delightful children’s music on their second album SUNSHINE. If the songs about chocolate milk moustaches and the friendship between a puppy and a guppy don’t steal your heart, the one about the disco-dancing hamster will. Plus the instant classic title track, which could have only been conceived along Florida’s Emerald Coast.

Bestselling author (and BEACHCOMBER contributor) Carl Hiaasen teams up with illustrator Roz Chast for ASSUME THE WORST: THE GRADUATION SPEECH YOU’LL NEVER HEAR. An essential gift book—at 40 pages and with funny pictures, it’s a quick read, so chances are your bleary-eyed, very-well-read college grad won’t try and bash you over the head with it.

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