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East End Gallery Now Open on 30A

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Award-winning artist Lori Drew has teamed up with Warren Beason and Natalie Gibbs to open East End Gallery.


East End Gallery is a full-service gallery with over 125 linear feet of display space located behind Shades Bar & Grill at the east intersection of Scenic Highway 30A and U.S. 98. The gallery’s opening exhibition, “Artist Favorites,” features more than 50 carefully selected works from well-known local and regional artists.


The location represents a collaboration between art and business that is thought to be a first of its kind in the area. The gallery coexists in the same space as Blue Title, one of South Walton County’s leading title companies.


Ms. Drew, 2017 South Walton Mixed Media Artist of the Year, notes the unique arrangement is a huge positive for the art community. “Our partnership with Blue Title provides the gallery and its art with a high-end, high-traffic location and exposure to people who love and invest in our community.”


Mr. Beason adds that it was important for them to take their time and do it right. “We weren’t interested in just throwing some art on the wall and telling people it was for sale,” he says. “Instead, we took our time to renovate the space with the proper lighting and hanging system, learn about the artists and their needs and invest heavily in technology to manage and promote the gallery well.”


East End Gallery is now open and will operate Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and on Saturdays by appointment. The gallery is active on both Facebook and Instagram.


The website will launch soon, providing an outlet to learn more about the artists and the ability to purchase directly online.

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