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Beachcomber. We’re Everywhere…

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Instagram celeb and recent Pet of the Issue Chopper the Bulldog stopped by our office for a photo opportunity and a complimentary limited edition (only 350,000 made) BEACHCOMBER miniature beach chair.
Photo by Chris Manson.

If you don’t like Beachcomber, I have a few things to say.


One, why are you reading this?


And three (I’ve deleted two—believe me, it was a total miss), too bad, because we’re going to be unavoidable from now until the end of summer.


We’re involved with three great events (so far), the first being the subject of this issue’s special insert section, the Northwest Florida Theatre Festival, happening at Grand Boulevard May 16 (slight timing problem with the event organizers and this issue’s cover date) through May 20.


I’m particularly excited that our very own Bruce Collier is staging his one-man Winston Churchill show. It takes a lot of acting talent (and balls) to tackle a role that recently won Gary Oldman a boatload of awards for his portrayal in the 2017 film Darkest Hour.


Which I still haven’t seen yet. I do hope to catch Bruce’s show a couple times.


Thanks always to the great folks at Emerald Coast Theatre Company for letting us be a part of the magic.


Next, we’ve entered into what might be considered an unholy agreement (free ads for them, and *hopefully* a bottomless bar tab for us) with AJ’s in Destin for their Street Fest Summer Concert Series, kicking off Tuesday, May 29 on the Jumbotron stage with the Dave Matthews Tribute Band.


If you love Dave Matthews, this is the show for you. And if you hate Dave Matthews, you should catch the show, too, because it’s not really Dave Matthews!


Some really interesting acts on the schedule for coming weeks/months, including the extraordinary bluegrass interpreters The Cleverlys (check out their version of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” on YouTube) and Def Leppard/Van Halen tribute bands.


Thanks to Dan Collins for begging us to get on board, and congratulations on all your 2018 Beachcomber Music Awards.


Finally (or is it?), we’re proud to be among the folks promoting weekly fireworks on the Okaloosa Island Boardwalk, which will be happening Wednesday nights. Learn more at


See you soon, whether you like us or not.

Editor Manson



We had hoped to include an article about this year’s Beachcomber Music Award winners RoshamBeatles (Best Tribute Act) in this issue, but we were pretty full up with all those dog photos and self-promoting social media ads.


Anyway, Chris Hayes, who plays John (or is it George?) in the group, wanted all of you to know they’ll be performing at AJ’s in Destin Saturday, May 19, from 10 to midnight (God Bless Charles Bronson) and Saturday, May 26, at Coasters in Downtown Fort Walton Beach, starting at 9:30 p.m.


Incidentally, Mr. Hayes is the only musician on earth who plays George Harrison’s “Old Brown Shoe.”



In a review titled “Comeback, Schmomeback,” Beachcomber’s television critic called Elvis Presley’s NBC-TV Special “interminable,” adding that the King of Rock ‘n Roll “should retire immediately from live performance and go back to making those wonderful movies.”



Beachcomber’s film critic dismissed National Lampoon’s Animal House as “a laughless slog,” adding that “this gross-out college comedy is unlikely to inspire imitations.”



Beachcomber’s book critic panned Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time  in a review that consisted of a single sentence: “This fellow doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.”


Also, Beachcomber’s political columnist threw his unwavering support behind presidential candidate Michael Dukakis, predicting a landslide win over George H.W. Bush. “It’s a no-brainer. America will not stand for a Bush in the White House, not now, not 12 years from now, not 16 years from now…”



How does one get an item included on the Editor’s Choice page?


Editor Manson responds: That is an excellent question, and thanks for your interest in our wonderful new feature inspired by (okay, ripped off from) Oprah’s Favorite Things.


Until now, I’ve been including movies, shows, music and books that I’ve found particularly outstanding. No money has exchanged hands, but I’m not going to rule that out.


I’d love to branch out into other areas covered by Beachcomber. So please send—in addition to books, albums (vinyl preferred), and DVDs—your nonperishable food items, adult beverages and pets to the address in the masthead for future consideration.

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