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Celebrate 10 Years of Vinyl Collectibles April 21

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On Saturday, April 21, something pretty magical happens for music aficionados and collectors—Record Store Day. 


This year’s celebration marks 10 years of limited releases, special reissues, and more all within independently owned record stores. Or, as they say at We’re dealing with real, live, physical, indie record stores—not online retailers or corporate behemoths.”


Five businesses in the area officially participate, including Pensacola’s Music Box, which will feature in-store live performances all day. “We are witnessing the rise of in-store performances on Record Store Day,” says Jeremy Holcombe of the duo Spearman Brewers.


“These events are the perfect backdrop for a day already brimming with musical interests, all centered within your favorite brick-and-mortar music store—where the fruits of your business are kept local. It’s the Super Bowl Sunday for music fans.”


Scheduled performers include Spearman Brewers, Lang Holloman, Paracosm, Lojah, Gravity Reversing, and Southern Heartburn.


Also in Pensacola, RememberWynn Records will have a $1 outdoor record sale.


FWB Vintage Records is featuring in-store contests, half off selected stock, and donuts for the early birds.


Central Square Records in Seaside and Revolver Records in Pensacola are also on the official Record Store Day roster.


All five stores will carry official Record Store Day stock, from Monk and Bowie to Taylor Swift and everything in between.


– Nikki Hedrick
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