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Whatever Matt Wants, Matt Gaetz

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Editor Manson’s birthday is April 5, so stop by the BEACHCOMBER office at 120 Benning Drive in Destin with your well wishes, presents and cards (stuffed with cash and/or Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards). Show some love, and maybe he’ll bury that YES t-shirt in the backyard.

Tuesday afternoon, and I’m still stuck on what to write for this issue. Since it’s my birthday, I thought Things I Need to Do Before I Die would be a good topic. But don’t you worry, Beachcomber readers, good sense prevailed.


Fortunately, the latest edition of Congressman Matt Gaetz’s Weekly Reads just showed up in my inbox.


I signed up for Congressman Gaetz’s e-newsletters because I was hoping he would sit down for an interview with Beachcomber and tell us about his favorite local bands, cocktails, etc., but we have yet to hear back from his people.


Wait, I’m his people. We’re all his people. Hey, Stephen King did an interview with us! Stephen King!!!


Good luck in 2018, fella.


Anyway, I always enjoy these emails—even if you don’t support what your representatives stand for, you should always know what they’re up to. This week, our beloved Congressman led things off with a rant about Google recognizing someone that supported Osama Bin Laden (you know, like America did during the Reagan years) while ignoring important things like the Easter Bunny.


He’s also outraged at Attorney General Jeff Sessions, so good for him, whatever the reasons.


There are also links to articles from Fox News (big surprise), the Chicago Tribune (go Cubs!) and others. Plus pieces from local publications like the Pensacola News Journal, the Northwest Florida Daily News (Annie Blanks, you’re a godsend), and the Santa Rosa Press-Gazette, whatever that is. Plus some pretty entertaining items in the “Weird and Unusual” section, which makes me think the Congressman would be an ideal guest editor for Beachcomber.


So, Congressman Gaetz… Matt… Matty… come have a sit-down with us real soon. We’ll even put you on the cover—if you have a cute dog, even better.


And please start putting some Beachcomber links in your newsletters. This article would be perfect.


Editor Manson



Sandwiched between two of this season’s biggest music events—Okaloosa RevFest Saturday, April 7, and Beachcomber Music Awards X Tuesday, April 10—is another can’t-miss gathering of some of our favorite musicians. 30A’s Need for Swede community fundraiser happens Sunday, April 8, at 30A Horse Farm at Arnett’s Gulfside in Santa Rosa Beach from 4 to 9 p.m.


At press time, the lineup included Dread Clampitt, Boukou Groove, Forrest Williams, Danni Coyote (nee Lowery), Kyle LaMonica, DC Alumni, Hunter Dawson, Joleen Jones and DJ Vladi.


General admission tickets are $15, and VIP tickets are $30. #30ASNEEDFORSWEDE t-shirts will be sold during the event, and you can preorder something called “Swede’s Recovery Blend” coffee at the Need4Swede PayPal.


Call Jennifer at 850-225-2001 for more info. We sure will, because we can’t figure out that PayPal thing.



Being the (Destin) library director has been a pleasure, an honor, and a milestone in my life (“Parks Bring Positivity to Destin” by Charles Morgan III, March 22-April 4 Beachcomber). I am surrounded by loving family, great staff and super friends!


Jurate Burns


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