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No Strangers to Destin

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By Nikki Hedrick


The Strangers, a collaborative project from hip-hop artists associated with Strange Tang and Elevated Underground, are gearing up for a busy year.  Their single “Destin” is due for a video release this month and is helmed by Shawn Yabui.


“I wrote the song originally as a Strange Tang song featuring Stephanie Soul,” says Price, “but as we formed The Strangers, the song naturally evolved into more of a team effort. The song’s concept is a simple one—Miami is cool! Heck, who doesn’t love Miami? However, I would rather reside in The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village—Destin.


“This song is radio-ready and written with Spring Break in mind. ‘Destin’ is meant to help generate a buzz so that our other songs can reach the masses. I have long had aspirations of winning a Grammy, but I knew that I didn’t deserve that award without first winning a Beachcomber. A dozen nominations and several awards later, I think it’s time to take the next step to the national stage.”


When it comes to Price’s favorite memories of Destin, he says “they all involve Curtis Endustrie or Swede. We have a history of what we call #OBB. This stands for One Beer Bounce. Only in Destin can you go from one venue to the next having one drink at each, never seeming to make it to them all yet somehow you manage to visit every place in town twice.


“I have one-beer-bounced from Fort Walton Beach to 30A and back more times than I can remember!”


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