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Fun Facts About Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation

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Did you know…


Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation (MKAF) is often confused with the Mattie Kelly Arts Center at Northwest Florida State College when, in fact, the organizations are not affiliated in any way?


MKAF owns and operates the Mattie Kelly Cultural Arts Village in Destin?


MKAF’s Community Outreach has inspired over 300,000 children and adults since 1995?


MKAF partners with over 70 underserved schools and agencies?


MKAF provides artist residencies programs for adults and children with special needs?


MKAF provides interactive art and music programs to wounded members of military organizations suffering from visible and invisible injuries?


MKAF’s Outreach is recognized by Florida with the “Education Award of Distinction”?


MKAF’s Cultural Arts Village is available for leasing to outside groups, businesses and individuals for their own events?


MKAF’s Concerts in the Village brings four generations of families together and an audience of over 15,000 annually?


MKAF’s Festival of the Arts draws over 100 artists and 6,000 art enthusiasts from all over the United States?


Research shows that at-risk students exposed to the arts have better academic results and workforce opportunities? Evidence supports that the arts positively impact children with developmental delays and autism, foster children, and youth suffering from abuse, trauma and homelessness.


The Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation’s Concerts in the Village series kicks off Thursday, April 26, in the Cultural Arts Village in Destin. Learn more at

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