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A Doggo Fit for a King

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Behind the scenes at the Molly King photo shoot in Osprey, Florida, with BEACHCOMBER MVP Nikki Hedrick.
Photo by Chris Manson.

I observed that legendary author Stephen King had been posting a lot of photos of his dog Molly, a/k/a The Thing of Evil, on Twitter. Since Mr. King spends part of the year in Florida (Osprey, just outside Sarasota)—and since many of the Beachcomber family love the guy’s work—I approached his people about Molly appearing in one of our Pet of the Issue features.


Realizing that Mr. King is inundated with requests, I wasn’t expecting a quick response or even a response at all. When I did get a voicemail from Mr. King’s Florida assistant Barbara Ann Mcintyre saying “Stephen and Molly would love to do it!,” I thought maybe she’d email a few photos or allow me to pull some from Mr. King’s Instagram page.


Instead, Ms. McIntyre asked when we could come down to Osprey for a photo shoot, and all I could think to say was, “What time, and can I bring my copy of On Writing for Mr. King to sign?”


As you can see from the Molly feature (jump to page 20), Mr. King’s Corgi was an absolute delight. At one point, I was so overwhelmed by Molly’s charm I forgot Mr. King was in the room. Pretty embarrassing (and rude) on my part, since Mr. King was in the middle of answering one of my questions.


Nikki Hedrick (chosen from thousands of friends and hangers-on who volunteered to join me on this adventure) and I spent about 30 minutes with Molly and her dad—which is pretty amazing—and about 18 hours on the road.


I’m pretty sure I speak for Nikki when I say we’d make the trip again in a moment’s notice. Thank you, Stephen King, for making one of our dreams come true.


Or maybe I should say nightmares, but that would be a lie. Anyway, I hope you enjoy our biggest Pet of the Issue ever along with all the other useful information in this issue of Beachcomber.

Editor Manson



Rodney (Braden) is a good, honorable, decent man and a friend (“Election Time in Destin” by Charles Morgan, Feb. 22-March 7 Beachcomber). The attacks are unnecessary and untrue. Makes me wonder why one side is spending large amounts of money on this small town election.

Bill Mitchell, Destin


Nothing wrong with being a “liberal.” There are no pure liberals or conservatives—they are labels that divide people. Destin needs to slow down and stop promoting tourism. The tourists have found us by the millions. The beautiful beaches will always attract people from all over. Destin needs to slow down and learn how to manage what is already here.


The “rental mania” is going too far. Transient living, with the constant inflow and outflow of people, must be managed. The almighty dollar and its pursuit are destroying what little is left of Destin’s natural beauty. We are becoming a circus, and the native people and wildlife are being crushed by overdevelopment.

Bob Luongo


I appreciate Carl Hiaasen’s work, and your Beachcomber is an easy way to see his latest. Thank you from a liberal (and Liberal!) Canadian Snowbird. I also appreciate all the work you and Charles Morgan do in a difficult region. We just hope the fear of guns in everyone’s hands doesn’t keep us from coming down every winter.

Sandy Kelly
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