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Now more than ever, the beautiful words of John Lennon and Paul McCartney ring true to those with ears to hear and hearts to love. We spotted this outside Seaside’s Central Square Records recently and have no idea who the artist is. If you have any information as to the illustrator’s identity and/or whereabouts, call our 24-hour, toll free hotline.

The problem with running a general interest magazine is you can’t please everyone that reads it. But I’ve never thought any good could come from playing it safe.


Example—my brave decision to bump this issue’s Instagram page in favor of a little more revenue for the fat cats at the top. I can see the phones lighting up now—can’t hear them, because I like to keep my ringer turned off when I’m at work.


That said, there have been some complaints about the columns by Carl Hiaasen that appeared in recent months in Beachcomber. Keep in mind, most of those unfavorable comments have been published here in the interest of respecting opposing viewpoints, keeping the (hopefully) intelligent discussion going, filling space, etc.


I’ve observed that the anti-Hiaasen readers are a lot more vocal than the people that like what the guy has to say. You know, libs, It’s not that hard to send an attaboy by email or even regular old mail. I hope the folks that purport to be Carl fans will at least shell out 20 bucks ($14.95 on your Kindle) for his next (sure to be great) novel.


Anyway, with some of our readers (not all, or even a majority by any means) still in the pro-Trump camp, Beachcomber is featuring a conservative columnist starting with this issue.


As per our reprint permissions deal, I am not at liberty to promote this (very famous) writer anywhere else in the magazine, or on the cover, or on social media, or at the Beachcomber Blues Jam, which kicks off Monday, March 5, at Graffiti & the Funky Blues Shack in Destin. I’d love to tell you who this big name is, but it would be just as easy for you to flip on over to page 9.


After you read the latest column by Carl Hiaasen, of course.

Editor Manson




Speaking of very famous big name authors, the March 8-21 issue of Beachcomber is going to be a very special one. We’ve dropped a few hints around the magazine…see if you can figure out who “IT” is.


Beachcomber Music Awards X is a go for Tuesday, April 10, at Al’s Beach Club and Burger Bar on Okaloosa Island. If you’re interested in performing or co-hosting, email me at The complete list of this year’s top nominees in 44 categories is on page 16.


Some other upcoming events we’re proud to be a part of—The South Walton Beaches Wine & Food Festival, coming up in late April, and Emerald Coast Theatre Company’s Northwest Florida Theatre Festival, May 16-20 (more info on page 30).

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