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It’s about time… the Beachcomber Blues Jam returns Monday, March 5, to Destin’s Funky Blues Shack starting at 7 p.m. Hosted by EdMo Lanier (bass and vocals), Blue Lew Hogue (guitar and vocals) and John Wolffer (drums), the first of what will hopefully be many events features Nora Wixted-Hogue on keys and vocals and guest vocalist Gwen D’Vyne. The stage will be open to blues singers and players alike—bring your axe and get ready to jam.

John Hart’s latest revisits characters from THE LAST CHILD, but even if you haven’t read the earlier novel, I encourage you to jump right into THE HUSH. Hart is one of our greatest storytellers, and here he ventures into unexpected territory while exploring compelling themes like friendship, crime and punishment, and racism. Out Feb. 27.

Rae Morris’ voice is so strong on SOMEONE OUT THERE, you never for one moment fear that she’ll get buried under the electronic pop arrangements. The infectious “Do It” and heartbreaking closer “Dancing with Character” are particularly strong, but there are no clinkers among the album’s 11 tracks.

Crestview’s WAAZ-FM (104.7 on your dial) is the radio station of my dreams, with news at the top of the hour and programming that consists mostly of the country stars I’d always hoped someone hadn’t forgotten about. A recent commute from Fort Walton Beach to Seaside and back included Elvis and Johnny Cash (back to back, no less), Conway Twitty, Kathy Mattea, Earl Thomas Conley, etc. etc. I’m a little baffled by the Sunday morning easy listening piano instrumentals, though.

Sean Baker’s THE FLORIDA PROJECT convincingly showcases kids being kids at a cheap motel just on the outskirts of Disney World, and not always in cutesy Our Gang style. Seen mostly through the eyes of a six-year-old girl, the movie is a must-see for a pair of brilliant performances by young Brooklynn Prince and Oscar-nominated Willem Dafoe as the kindhearted motel manager. Available from Amazon Video.

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