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Write On! Local Author Linda Sealy Knowles

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Author Linda Sealy Knowles just released her sixth historical romance western, Always Jess. The Niceville-based writer has a book signing set for Saturday, Feb. 17, from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Destin Barnes & Noble store.


“I started writing at the age of 68 and have been writing for five years,” Ms. Knowles says. “I want everyone to know that it’s never too late to begin a new career.”


In the new novel, Jess Maxwell has been away from home and is now eager to return to Limason, Texas. Unfortunately, a pair of very bad men won’t be happy until Jess is dead.


Mary Beth is home for the summer and has known Jess her whole life. Imagine Jess’ surprise that, at the age of 19, Mary Beth has grown into a real beauty.


When the two reunite, sparks fly. Within days of Jess’ return home, the villains show up and terrorize anyone who gets in their way, including Mary Beth.


Jess had planned to court and eventually marry the smart young woman, but the attack leaves her parlayed with fear, unwilling to trust a man ever again. Is seeking revenge against those who hurt her Jess’ only way to prove his dedication and is it possible a wise old woman could help Mary Beth trust her feelings of love?


With honesty and compassion on his side, Jess might be able to convince Mary Beth of the gentle affection he has always had for her.


Ms. Knowles is originally from Satsuma, Alabama. Her previous books include Journey to Heaven Knows Where, Hannah’s Way, The Secret, Bud’s Journey Home and Kathleen of Sweetwater, Texas.

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