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Opening Remarks

State of the Beachcomber

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Artist Larry Beat shows off his favorite magazine during a not-so-recent Downtown Fort Walton Beach Farmers Market. Saturday, Feb. 10, will represent the 52nd market Mr. Beat has attended, so go see him and check out his stunning work. Bring cash.
Photo by Chris Manson.

I don’t care what the fake mainstream media thinks of my editorship. I only care about the opinions, thoughts and comments of you, my non-treasonous Beachcomber readers.


I’m relinquishing the larger part of this issue’s Opening Remarks to feedback from the good folks that work hard and leave comments on our website, email me, and—in the case of Ms. Smith—send actual letters, with envelopes and stamps and postmarks.




Thanks again to the non-kneeling patriots that continue to pick up (and even read) Beachcomber every two weeks. Remember, your comments are always welcome, whether you love us or not. But why wouldn’t you?


Any and all such remarks written in the English language will be considered for publication in upcoming issues, because less stuff for me to write.


Now let me get back to this pair of Big Macs.



Beachcomber Music Awards X is on, and a date has been set—Tuesday, April 10. The location will be confirmed soon, so stay tuned.


Meantime, you can vote for this year’s final nominees online through Sunday, Feb. 18. Visit, and once you’re there, check out all the adorable cat videos.

Editor Manson



I don’t recall seeing the (“Horrorscopes”) feature in your most informative newspaper in past issues. There is no author’s name.


All signs with the exception of Libra are extremely negative. Having been a student of astrology for over 70 years, I wonder why this author foretells such gloom and doom for almost the entire human race. If this is to be the normal trend of forecasts, surely there can be a better command of the English language.


I have lived in Fort Walton Beach for five and a half years and have yet to meet anyone who “speaks astrology.” If there is a group here, I would appreciate a head’s up.

Ruth Smith, Fort Walton Beach



Thank you for your feedback. The author of “Horrorscopes” wishes to remain anonymous, but we can tell you that he/she is most likely a Libra.

So needed to be said, especially in this area (“Smart? Wealthy? Patriotic? Keep It to Yourself” by Charles Morgan III, Jan. 25-Feb. 7 Beachcomber).

Ann Barrett

Well written and well done (“Nowhere Man” by Nikki Hedrick, Jan. 25-Feb. 7 Beachcomber). I remember when this happened, and it is awesome that you are not only standing up to him, but that Beachcomber allowed this story to be published and in doing so may embolden others to stand up to bullies. Great job.

Richard Dunlavy, Pensacola

I just read the article by Mr. Hiaasen regarding President Trump (“Let’s Give Trump the TV Remote, Not the Nuclear Button” by Carl Hiaasen, Jan. 11-24 Beachcomber). Why on earth would you publish such and offensive article? Your publication seems to concentrate on activities around the area.


Many of your readers visiting this area love and admire this president. Does anyone at your publication screen such articles? I found the article extremely offensive, as I am sure many others do.


Wouldn’t you be better off sticking to upbeat, cheery information? The Panhandle of Florida voted overwhelmingly for Trump.

Veronica Brannon
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