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Michael Wolff

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House

Henry Holt & Company

Fire and Fury was heavily hyped in the media, so when I finally got off the wait list at the bookstore, I bought it and started reading immediately. I felt conflicted with this book. Very few sources are willing to speak on record, and the author’s note basically says that much of what is included in this book is hearsay—I wasn’t sure on a statement by statement basis what was fact and what was exaggerated. The publishers understandably rushed to print, but the result is sloppy. I wish they had taken a few more months to correct typos and cite sources.


However, the book paints a believable portrait of an administration in turmoil and a leader who wasn’t fully prepared for (and probably did not even want) the role he assumed. Based on the buzz surrounding this book, I expected it to make me angry at our president but was surprised to find that I felt sorry for him. Rather than supporting President Trump, the team of people surrounding him seem to be engaged in a Game of Thrones-style strategic battle amongst themselves.

– Marilu Morgan

Italian Wines 2018

Gambero Rosso Publishing

Pretty much anything you’d ever want to learn about the dauntingly complicated world of Italian wines can be found in Italian Wines 2018. This is not a coffee-table book, though. It’s laced with vintage tables, thumbnail sketches of wineries, a winners list of annual awards (by number of glasses—bicchieri) and a concise guide to 22 Italian wine regions. In its 31st year now, the publisher hopes to build a “chronology” of the progress of modern Italian wines. Even if you never find a single one of the vintages listed, at least you’ll be ready if you ever do.

– Bruce Collier


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