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A milestone for Joyce Huggins and the Destin Library.

On Thursday, January 25, shortly after noon, the one-millionth visitor to the Destin Library on Sibert Avenue in Destin walked through the door.


Joyce Huggins of Destin had no idea what she was in store for. She expected to routinely drop by her neighborhood library, pick out a book, check it out and be on her way. Instead, she was greeted with applause by library staff, given a photo op, and awarded a gift bag with champagne and heart-shaped chocolates.


In addition, patrons at the library were alerted via a public address system that a celebrity was in their midst.


The new Destin Library opened its doors on March 17, 2003, and quickly became an attraction within the community. The 13,000-square-foot architecturally unique facility was three times the size of its old home on Stahlman Avenue. Its holdings and programming have expanded considerably over the years.


The Destin Library has catered to one million visitors over the years by remaining an integral part of the community. By providing an environment that encourages patrons to explore, create and learn, all who make use of this community resource benefit each and every day.

– Will Rogers
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