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Siren Voyagers Dannica and Melissa Publish Travel Bible

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World travelers—and authors—Melissa Joiner and Danni Coyote.

Danni Coyote, co-author of The Siren Voyagers Travel Bible with Melissa Joiner, writes:


Melissa and I wrote the book because we, like many of our friends, love to travel but just don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on luxurious trips. She and I have had to be extremely creative in paring down prices so that we can travel without spending every last red cent we have.


After watching us, many people (also on a limited budget) reached out to us, asking how it was possible, so we decided to write a how-to guide.


This book is not for people who want to fly first class and stay at the Mandarin and get room service. This book is for backpackers who don’t mind sleeping in airports and taking chicken carts to their hostel.


I’m only kind of kidding. The information in this book can get you to Japan for under $300 round trip, but you’re going to have to make some sacrifices to get that cheap of an airfare.


Many people do not want to trade creature comforts for the experience of travel. For us, and for people like us, it’s totally worth it because it just enriches the experience.


The following is an excerpt from the book’s introduction.

We know what you’re probably wondering… Why did The Siren Voyagers choose a religious text as the format for their book?


Regardless of your beliefs in a Higher Power, or lack thereof, we truly feel that the Creator/Universe/God (whatever you want to call it) makes Itself available to all of us in a way that we each can understand. For example, you know that connected feeling that you get when you are in your creative zone, or out in nature, or on stage, or doing whatever you do that brings you the most joy, peace, and fulfillment? Yeah, that feeling.


True and unbridled connection to your Source. You are tapped in. That feeling has inspired many different beliefs and ways of life. That feeling is what most of us strive for, and spirituality (and later, religion) was born of that singular ecstatic feeling. (What religion inspired after that is a different book.) Perhaps this tuned-in feeling isn’t as elusive as many may think.


Peoples of the past, and maybe even your own ancestors, have made pilgrimages and quests in search for this feeling. The power of these ancient religious expeditions still, to this day, call millions of people from all over the world to their marvels in hopes for personal transformation and spiritual elevation. After wars, some indigenous tribes would send their warriors away from the villages on a spiritual walkabout to heal and restore compassion before integrating them back into the community.


There is something profound to be said about this philosophy. This rapturous feeling of surrender to whatever divine source or muse you identify with can occur in a myriad of ways. For us, that surrender happens when we perform music and when we immerse ourselves in other cultures. That same feeling that so many people channel when they’re standing in a church (or otherwise intimately connecting through their passion), we have felt while standing on a stage, pouring our souls out in song, or while standing on the soil of a foreign country.


So after much soul-searching, we have decided that, in the same way that music is transcendental beyond all language, race, or other borders and labels that may divide us, travel is our own nondenominational religion that welcomes and accepts everyone.


Come as you are.


We’ll leave the light on.


Here’s to living a colorful life outside of the lines.


From The Siren Voyagers Travel Bible: A Testament to Affordable Travel by Danni Coyote and Melissa Joiner. © 2017 by The Siren Voyagers. Used by permission. Get your copy at

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