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Naomi Alderman

The Power

Little, Brown and Co.

If you follow book news at all, you’ve probably already heard of The Power—the book that made it onto more Best of 2017 lists than you could shake a stick at. The Power is a dystopian fiction told through multiple perspectives. The book follows the 10-year period after teenage girls worldwide develop the power to send electrical shocks through their bodies. As you might expect, this development turns the gender power structure on its head, a change that is met by most with fear and resistance.


Alderman is a skillful writer who manages to propose big ideas without overwhelming the development of the characters and the plot. This story is violent, dramatic, scary and sometimes disturbing. It explores corruption and power structures in a similar way as Orwell’s classic Animal Farm, while evoking feelings of other feminist dystopian literature like Louise Erdrich’s Future Home of a Living God and Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. I finished this book with chills in my body and thoughts racing through my head. The Power is available for checkout at the Destin Library.

– Marilu Morgan

Jim Murray

Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2018

Dram Good Books, Ltd.

Whiskeydom’s Sage Jim Murray turned 60 last year; his Whisky Bible is celebrating its 15th edition this year. The slick, sort-of pocket-sized book contains succinct and longer-winded reviews of some 4,600 world whiskies. Murray famously guards his impartiality, though in one instance he admits to having helped create a 17-year-old Ardbeg single malt scotch. The reviews are based on Murray’s own blind tasting sessions, and he comes up with some punchy, blunt, sometimes fantastical assessments. Along with Scotland, Ireland, Canada and the U.S., Murray reviews Japanese, Asian and European whiskies. Prizes are awarded to top whiskies by genre and nation.

– Bruce Collier
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