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Pet of the Issue

Pet of the Issue – Lily

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Submitted by Edward McGrath


Lily is an American Bulldog, born to parents that weighed about 80 pounds each, “but she’s maxed out at 45 pounds,” says Mr. McGrath. Lily and her human became inseparable in August 2013. “She was going to be used as a breeder, but a girl I was dating talked the owner into letting me have her so she’d have a better life.”

Lily, all smiles. “She has a heart-shaped spot on her bum that you can somewhat see in the photo,” says Mr. McGrath. “She’s a sweet but protective dog.”
“Being a good girl all day requires lots of beauty rest,” Mr. McGrath explains.
Lily loves wearing sweaters, which Mr. McGrath only discovered after a friend gave her one for Christmas. “She’s something else.” Goodnight, sweet princess.
Here’s Lily practicing her treat face.

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