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Paul Kix

The Saboteur


The more time that passes between now and World War II, the more it shifts from history into a romanticized mist. One reason is the yearly release of nonfiction accounts of small corners of the war, and of extraordinary, real-life individual exploits. The Saboteur is the story of Robert de La Rochefoucauld, a French aristocrat who escaped the German occupation, trained in England, and returned to raise hell and resistance to the Nazis. His exploits (at age 19) earned him a legendary reputation, along with capture, torture and numerous scrapes with death. Ian Fleming had to have met this guy.

– Bruce Collier

Sharon Sterling

A Killing at Lynx Lake

Changing Lines Press LLC

An innocent woman is brutally murdered in the picturesque old west town of Prescott, Arizona, in this thriller. Psychotherapist Allie Davis is drawn into the mystery, which has numerous suspects including Davis herself. She teams with her friend Kim and Kim’s rescue dog to track down the killer. A deadly confrontation erupts between the players, local wildlife and the search and rescue dog in a conclusion that takes the reader by surprise. Prescott’s Lynx Lake, Watson Woods, and world-famous Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University are action venues in this fast-paced drama.


Local author Sterling is a psychiatric social worker and former resident of Arizona. A Killing at Lynx Lake is the third book in her Arizona Thriller Trilogy. This one, along with the first two books in the trilogy, are available from Amazon and locally at Sundog Books in Seaside and The Hidden Lantern in Rosemary Beach.

– Ron Larsen
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