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Casey Neistat



YouTube is a video sea of cute puppies, silly juvenile pranks, long-winded confessions and glam gurus caking their faces with obscene amounts of makeup. Still, there are excellent, highly entertaining videos to be found here, and Casey Neistat’s are among the absolute best. Initially starting out as a broke high school dropout with a dream, his first break in filmmaking came via HBO where, along with his brother, he created and starred in a vlog-like TV series. Though switching to YouTube proved to be way less lucrative—especially in the early days when he opted out of ad revenue sharing—his high-quality creations eventually sparked paying collabs with major corporations like Nike, Mercedes, Samsung and CNN.


Neistat now has over eight million subscribers to his channel, and his videos have been viewed nearly two billion times and counting. (By comparison, the Season 14 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians had about 2.3 million pairs of eyeballs watching.) Though his channel has amassed hundreds of short films and vlogs since its launch in 2010, must-watch Casey TV includes “Snowboarding with the NYPD,” “Make It Count,” “Human Flying Drone” and “Bike Lanes.”

– Joni Williams


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