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Pet of the Issue

Pets of the Year

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Since we introduced the Pet of the Issue feature in May, Beachcomber has been swamped with requests to feature dogs, cats, drunken possums, etc. Which is why it makes absolutely no sense for us to devote our month-long issue’s pet page to all the critters we spotlighted throughout 2017.


Apologies to the Emerald Coast Science Center, whose entertaining and educational menagerie of exotic animals appeared in Pet of the Issue twice and are not reprinted here due to space limitations.


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Xena, submitted by Kimberly White (May 4-17).
Hayduke, submitted by Chatham Morgan (May 18-30).
Nugget, submitted by Brandon Day (June 1-14).
Lilee, submitted by Sheila Conner (Aug. 10-23).
Champ, submitted by Jessica Proffitt Bracken (Sept. 7-20).
Penny, submitted by Chelsea Alayne (Oct. 19-Nov. 1)
Hoss and Chief, submitted by Melanie Moore.
Chip, submitted by Samantha Lambert (June 15-28).
Sangria, submitted by Paula Hilton (June 29-July 12).
Jett, submitted by Danette Benton (July 13-26).
Reggie, submitted by Michelle Mank (Aug. 24-Sept. 6).
Princess Cali, submitted by Larry Beat (Sept. 21-Oct. 4).
Pearl, submitted by Destinee Hodges (Nov. 16-29).

Submit your best friend for a future Pet of the Issue feature!

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