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The Season of Gimme… Our Christmas Wish Lists

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Since I have everything I could possibly ever want, I asked some of the Beachcomber family to submit their holiday wish lists.


And now I’m sorry I did.



Sheila Conner: Novo XT Unibody Massage Chair, Red. Priced at $7,999, marked down from $8,999.



Samantha Lambert: That the novel I am trying to write magically finishes itself.


That the novel that magically finishes itself is a bestseller.


That the novel that magically finishes itself and is a bestseller is made into a movie.


Another wonderful holiday piece from this issue’s cover artist Michael Lunsford, titled “Christmas by the Sea.”

That the movie of my bestselling novel stars Susan Sarandon as me.


That the movie of my bestselling novel wins the Best Picture Oscar.


That—like Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With the Wind—I never write another novel but live famously off my millions.



Bruce Collier: Anti-gravity parking garages to hover over South Walton. “Park & Rise.”


Attainable bouncy housing.


That Indian restaurant I ask for every year.



Paula Hilton: A lazy river in my backyard.



Me: Swimming lessons for Paula Hilton’s dogs.



Let’s talk about the drunken elephant in the room. USA Today recently published a list of drunkest cities in each state, and Crestview-Destin-Fort Walton Beach ranked number one for Florida. A bit devastating to read, and as I hung my head in shame, I noticed my glass was empty and immediately went to pour myself another finger of Blanton’s.


Still, not as embarrassing as what’s happening in Panama City Beach. See (or rather, don’t see) MTV’s new Floribama show.


Our friend Matt Blessinger appeared on the Al’s Beach Club & Burger Bar segment of The Travel Channel’s Food Paradise recently. Mr. Blessinger did us proud in the final segment of the show’s “Boardwalk Eats” episode. The bad news is Al’s is closed for the season, so you’ll have to wait until next March to dig your choppers into one of those tasty chicken and pineapple sandwiches.


Chef Gio (from Vue on 30A) was kicked off Hell’s Kitchen’s all-star season, so now I’ll have to root for the weird girl. The chef once referred to Gordon Ramsay as “an asshole” in a Chef’s Up Close article in Beachcomber. Wonder if Mr. Ramsay got his hands on that issue?

Editor Manson


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