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John Mauceri

Maestros and Their Music – The Art and Alchemy of Conducting

Alfred A. Knopf


American conductor, professor and writer Mauceri studied and apprenticed under giants like Stokowski and Bernstein, and has conducted orchestras all over the world. In Maestros and Their Music, Mauceri doffs the white tie and tails and conducts a fascinating, carefully explained and entertaining tour of the “wizardry” of his profession. It’s far from an exact science, he says, though the apprentice system harks back to the mediaeval craft guilds. The rigors and loneliness of touring, orchestra politics, score analysis, the sweet science of recording, and a little G-rated celebrity gossip are just some of the highlights of this book.

– Bruce Collier

Fredrik Backman

The Deal of a Lifetime



This Christmas novella from bestselling author Backman is a poignant story reminiscent of A Christmas Carol. Told from the perspective of a successful businessman with a rare form of cancer looking back on his life and choices, the message I took away was that time is the most valuable currency we have. Beautiful color illustrations are sprinkled throughout the pages of this book, which is available at the Destin Library.

– Marilu Morgan
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