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Live Music Review

Living Colour, Derek Day and Kickstand Jenny

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Living Colour’s Doug Wimbish.
Photo by Nikki Hedrick.

Club LA, Destin


Magic. Sometimes, there is no better word than that.


There is always a question when you see someone you’ve loved forever in concert for the first time. Will they hold up to lofty expectations? Living Colour managed to exceed them without flinching.


The night opened up with Beachcomber Music Award winners Kickstand Jenny delighting the crowd with a mix of covers and originals. The crowd even began to sing along with one of their originals without prompting, always a benchmark bands hope for.


Next up was Derek Day, the touring opener that seemed to practice his own flavor of magic and hypnotize the audience with his blues-soaked take on rock music.


What can one really say about seeing Living Colour live, other than you just have to do it? They are artists crammed full of talent and joy. Corey Glover’s voice in person was more powerful than any recording has been able to capture. Living Colour is magic.


Special thanks to bassist Doug Wimbish for the kind words about the article and interview in the last issue of Beachcomber.

Nikki Hedrick
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