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Opening Remarks

A Thankless Task

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Noelle Tabor with her other half enjoying the best of what Beachcomberland (specifically 30A) has to offer. Ms. Tabor’s THE 30A COLORING BOOK is featured in this issue’s Books department.

The guys behind Thanksgiving weren’t happy. After meeting with their team of $750-an-hour consultants, they decided that the holiday needed a mascot on the level of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, because revenue has steadily dropped for the last dozen Novembers.


The traditional pardoned turkey on the White House lawn wasn’t cutting it. And who can even guess what Trump will do this year? He may just tell the kitchen staff to heat up the deep fryer. (By the way, Roy Moore, I think your invitation to Thanksgiving dinner at the White House got lost in the mail.)


Anyway, the well-paid consultants put their heads together and narrowed down the proposed new Thanksgiving mascot to these three:


– A Black Friday advertising insert from the newspaper wrapped around a football.


– A Native American and a land grabber (formerly called “pilgrim”) in a completely untrusting embrace.


– A big bowl of macaroni and cheese. Actually, George Carlin came up with that one (as well as a lot of Facebook memes that are completely out of character for the edgy comedy legend).


It will be interesting to see which of these becomes the new face of Thanksgiving. Meantime, my face will be covered with turkey, Wild and otherwise. Have a happy and safe holiday, Beachcomberland!

Editor Manson




Yes (“Opening Remarks – We Don’t Wanna Be You Either,” Oct. 19-Nov. 1 Beachcomber)! Editor Manson, for all the reasons you stated in your remarks, (that) is exactly why Navarre doesn’t want to become what Destin has become. While we may have a few miles of congestion at certain times of the day, Destin has miles and miles of bumper-to-bumper traffic all the time every day.


Just answer this—how much is enough? How many restaurants, hotels, stores and activities does it take? Destin continues to build and build on every square inch of open space available. I thank God for that piece of Air Force property, otherwise it would be endless hotels.


I work at an RV resort in Navarre, and every single day I talk to people who are coming to our town to get away from yours. Why? Too much traffic, too expensive, too many people, too many boats, too many jet skis, too much crap! I used to love Destin 20 years ago. We spent many vacations at the Army FamCamp, ate many breakfasts at The Donut Hole, and dropped a small fortune at The Track.


But when my husband retired, we knew Destin was not the place to live. Navarre may not have go-karts, zip lines and rock climbing walls, but we offer a small town feel and only a 20/30/40/50-minute drive to all the madness Destin has to offer.

Debbie Swope



Always enjoy Beachcomber, and especially loved (and completely agreed with) “Common Sense Still Matters” (Oct. 19-Nov. 1 issue). Thank you to Charles Morgan for writing it and to the editor for publishing. After living in Australia and Europe for periods of time, I believe us Americans could actually learn something from other countries—and that we need to change our ways soon if we want a better country for the next generations.

Cheryl Pond




Chef Giovanni, executive chef at Vue on 30a, is back for the current all-star season of Hell’s Kitchen. We have no idea if Chef Gio is going to make it to the finish line, but he hasn’t embarrassed us too much three episodes in. The program airs Friday nights on the FOX network.


Among the big names added to next January’s 30A Songwriters Festival (Beachcomber involvement not hammered out at press time, thanks for asking)—Ann Wilson from Heart (yeah, we don’t know which one she is either, but she and Nancy are both great), Kathy Mattea (her recent album Coal is a masterpiece), James McMurtry (who’s featured in this publication whenever he’s in town), Aaron Lee Tasjan, Paul Thorn, Ed Roland of Collective Soul, Hayes Carll (“She Left Me for Jesus”), Drivin’ N Cryin’ and Ruthie Foster.


They will join previously announced headliners Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, The Zombies, Patty Griffin, Lee Ann Womack (damn!), North Mississippi Allstars, Emily Saliers, Shawn Mullins, and Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley.


Plus Tommy Stinson from The Replacements, which is extremely cool for a small number of us.


You can get your tickets now at, and catch some or all of the 225 live performances next MLK weekend.

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