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For Christon Birge, Every Day is Taco Tuesday

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On the heels of his debut track “Delirious,” local country singer-songwriter Christon Birge has released his second single, “Tacos.” The fresh track shows a more playful side of his songwriting, balancing the tone of the love song Birge released earlier this year.


Since the official release of the graceful ballad “Delirious” in April, the romantic tune has received airplay on country radio and landed atop the Country Music Life charts over the summer. As the song continues to resonate with country music fans, “Tacos” brings out Birge’s tongue-in-cheek humor.


“I’m always cracking stupid jokes and looking for the humor in things,” says Birge. “‘Tacos’ captures the fun-loving nature of a relationship and makes you wanna sing along and just have a good time.”


It’s this outlook that provides the basis for the new song. The track’s flirtatious lyrics can’t help but make you laugh. The catchy chorus tells the good-natured story about how “driving around in my old boat,” “cracking up to stupid jokes,” and “going out on weekends” together will never get old.


“Tacos” premiered live on-air during The Gulf Coast Morning Show with Flip and Streeter on 103.5 FM Kick’n Country in Panama City Beach in October. Birge records at Studio 812 in Lynn Haven, and the track features two-time Academy of Country Music Steel Guitar Player of the Year Mike Johnson, who also laid the crying steel track down for “Delirious”.


“I feel like I was born to sing and perform, and I’m following my heart and doing what I love most,” says Birge. “I love everything that music does to people, and knowing that a song can bring strangers together is something that continues to inspire me and the music I write.”


“Tacos” is available to download and stream on all the major music platforms. Look for the video on YouTube.

Katie Spillman
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