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We Don’t Wanna Be You, Either

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Beachcomber Contributing Editor Bruce Collier and daughter Grace (a/k/a the Tiny Diner) study the chocolate menu at Rosemary Beach’s La Crema.

I saw an item in the daily newspaper today, the gist of which was that property in Navarre was “hot” right now. This made me very happy—I’m always happy when our neighbors are doing well—until someone was quoted in the article (can’t remember who, sorry) as saying they “didn’t want Navarre to become another Destin.”


What the…?!?


Navarre, Beachcomber has always been kind to you. I stuck my neck out praising your wonderful liquor store in the Publix shopping center in these pages. I have listed several Navarre gigs in this magazine’s live music calendar, at least the musicians that are career-savvy enough to upload their schedules on Reverb Nation. Truth be told, Juana’s Pagodas is a very cool spot. And I had fun that one night I tried to sing “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out” at TC’s Front Porch.


What exactly is it, Navarre (or rather, your self-appointed spokesman), that you don’t like about Destin? The traffic? Well, let me tell you, I have suffered through much gridlock in your city on my way to Pensacola, where there is way more fun stuff to do.


Is it all the beach crap stores? Okay, I’ll give you that one. And to your credit, there aren’t a lot of vape and mattress stores in your neck of the woods. And you do have more Tom Thumbs per square mile than any other place in Northwest Florida.


But let’s face it. As lovely as your beaches are, you could use a few go-kart tracks, zip lines, and rock climbing walls.


That said, I’m here to be a uniter, not a divider. If there’s anything I can do on behalf of Navarre and your (mostly) wonderful citizens in this publication, hit me up. I’m always happy to spread the word about your people, places and events.


For a reasonable price, of course.

Editor Manson




I’m thrilled to have cartoonist Clay Jones in this issue of Beachcomber. I’ve wanted to run cartoons here for a long time, and I was afraid I’d have to start drawing some myself until Mr. Jones stepped up.


He’s often featured in The Week’s best political cartoons of the day, and for good reason. Check out his blog, too—the guy can write. More at



Great article—her paintings have such energy and fun (“Artist Kathleen Broaderick Has a Right to Crow” by Zandra Wolfgram, Oct. 5-18 Beachcomber)!

Deborah Scott



Zandra Wolfgram responds: This story wrote itself. What a pleasure to get to know Kathleen and help her promote her amazing, joyful, energetic artwork!

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